100 Chain Professional Brushes for Procreate

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  • 100 Chain Seamless Brushes for Procreate

This new product is my most recent brush set for Procreate.

I've built it based on actual photos of chains, necklaces, and wristbands, which is why it will let you achieve actual high-quality results.

By purchasing this, you will get 100 brushes that will help you draw photo-based chains jewelry and use it as an actual brush, not only stamps.

Here I present you one of my favorite brushes: the barbed wire-like brush, number 97.

Some brushes will serve as a border or frame builder, like this one.

On the next video, for example, you will see a pearl brush that has two different designs, while using the same shape. You can achieve this result fast by making one single stroke. This duo brush can only accomplish this because I considered each brush's separate "streamline." That means that whenever you make a round shape, for example, one stroke is going faster and more angled than the other.

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100 Chain Professional Brushes for Procreate

74 ratings
I want this!