Line Brush Archive for Procreate: Limited Availability

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Line, along with color, shape, texture and space is one of the formal elements of art. Contemplating art made out of lines is part of a complex experience that can be addressed objectively by looking at a painting or a drawing or maybe, you can address it with another perspective.

"A line is a dot that went for a walk." - Paul Klee

A vast list of emotions can be described when transmitting sentiments onto drawings. For example, a horizontal line conveys restfulness, because it can mimic the position the body acquires when we rest. However, to get a more romantic emotion you might want to use round and wavy curvy lines. Tight them up and make them smaller and you got chaos represented in a hurricane.

“Drawing is like making an expressive gesture with the advantage of permanence.” Henri Matisse.

This is my new Procreate Brush Library with over 180 brushes designed carefully to meet your expectations when drawing and creating LINE ART!

Based on your most recent requests and my own perceived needs whenever I wanted to find the "perfect brush", I've created this amazing collection made of more than 200 brushes.

What makes it special is that in most cases, you will not be able to change the brush size. And why is that? Because what we all want to achieve is a pattern. Maybe we are more inclined to drawing modern stuff, or more retro stuff. But in any case, we all know that there is something in common in all of them: harmony!

Every collection is made out of a basic shape that will, just like in real life, carry lots of size options!

Do you know this horrible feeling you get whenever you are drawing something and it looks well and alright and then suddenly something's off... Maybe the shadow? Maybe the pencil?

Oh, the size... And there you go, either you have to go back in time or you need to erase it and do it all again :(

Never happening again! By buying this limited brush repository you will get:

  • Square Liner: 13 brushes
  • Round Liner: 13 brushes
  • Grain Fine Liner: 11 brushes
  • Sketch Line: 7 brushes
  • Square Stipple: 13 brushes
  • Star Stipple: 11 brushes
  • Round Dot Stipple: 13 brushes
  • Angled Stippler Right: 13 brushes
  • Angled Stippler Left: 13 brushes
  • Cross Liner: 6 brushes
  • Rectangle Stipple: 8 brushes
  • Round Taper Line: 13 brushes
  • Lining Taper Pressure-Sensitive: 11 brushes
  • Double-Lining Pressure-Sensitive: 11 brushes
  • Pure Stipple: 11 brushes
  • Double Dot Taper: 17 brushes

And a free miscellaneous ornaments brushes :)

I hope you enjoy it!

If you have any doubt, just contact me!

Bye 💕

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Line Brush Archive for Procreate: Limited Availability

7 ratings
I want this!